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Power is life

Power Byte is the new revolutionary disposable battery bank that is adaptable for IPhone and Android in one! Don’t be weighed down by finding outlets or wires when you’re out having fun with your friends, hanging with the family, or having a night on the town. Let Power Byte make keeping your phone charged easy and convenient, at an affordable price. 

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What is Power Byte?

Power Byte is the cool new quick fix to saving your phone from dying! With the best portable battery on the market at 1000mah and the highest output at 5V output we are the best disposable battery bank option for you. No need to worry about Power Byte cramping your style or not fitting in you pockets, with our model being only 2x2 inches and weighing as little as 40 grams you will barley know its there.

Power Byte charges your phone whether you’re an Iphone or Android lover for as long as up to 45 minutes. Our design is convenient and FCC approved. You won't be tied to a wall or to any power supply except ours. You'll be hooked on the fact you can be comfortable anywhere you are by being able to move around and have accessibility to the place of your choice.


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